The Netherlands: UN Universal Children’s Day

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By UPF, Rita Salaris-Lichtenberg: UPF Netherlands together with WFWP Netherlands held a round table lunch meeting on the occasion of the UN Universal Children’s Day on November 21, 2015 at the NH Atlantic Hotel, The Hague. It was a beautiful setting with 4 round tables and a view of the North Sea with only a narrow stroke of beach in between. We had the dining-room exclusive for our group and there was a wonderful Steinway grand piano.

This was the very first time we held a round table luncheon. We invited mainly Ambassadors for Peace. The theme was de Four Freedoms of President Roosevelt: Freedom of Speech – Freedom of Worship – Freedom from Want – Freedom from Fear. Every table had a Chair and a 2nd gen as Minutes Secretary. Our 2nd gens did a very good job in taking notes.

Their names: Stephan van Winden, Sammi van der Stok, Anna Becker and Kyung van de Ven. Among the participants were Dr. Willem F. van Eekelen, Prof. Dr. Jaap de Zwaan, Mr. Hans Noot, Mr. Abdullah Haselhoef and Mr. Bart ten Broek.

Hans Campman, chairman of FFWPU NL, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with words about the theme. Rita Salaris-Lichtenberg (WFWP chair) read the Statement of Ban Ki-moon, SG of the UN. Lunch was actually a 3 course diner. The discussions started quite quickly after the entrée was served. Because every table had 6 people maximum everyone was able to share his or her insights on the theme. During the main course Hans Campman surprised everyone with a medley of music from Walt Disney films.

The event started shortly after one o’clock and was finished around 15:45 hrs. The outcome of the discussions was impressive thanks to our 2nd gens, who reported so well.

The surroundings in which the event was held and the possibility of expression, communication etc. made the event a joyful and happy one.

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