Cameroon: Sunluna Nursery and Primary School

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By WFWP Cameroon, Chah Esther: On November 16, 2015 was the official opening of SUNLUNA nursery and primary school in Bafut North West of Cameroon. They were around 60 people in attendance including the Divisional Officer, the Inspector of Basic Education, the Mayor, teachers, parents and pupils.

Mrs. Keiko Takahashi, a member of Women Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Japan and the international coordinator for Cameroon since 1992, has been working for WFWP Cameroon since 1994. During this time she has supported orphanages, centers for the handicapped and provided scholarships for some girls up to the university level.

This time, she and Cameroon WFWP decided to start a school because of the belief that children need a basic and moral education for them to develop into future leaders of their own nation, Africa and the world.

The ceremony started by 10.00 am after the arrival of the main authorities. The MC was Mr. Fusi Atoh Ronald, a native of Bafut where he has been working for the tribal Messiah activities since 1994.

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After the singing of the National Anthem, a prayer was offered then a welcome speech by Mrs. Chah Esther, President of WFWP Cameroon followed by an address by Mrs. Keiko Takahashi (WFWP Japan). In her speech, she expressed the desire of training good leaders who will find a way to happiness through moral education in order to develop a heart of love and kindness. Also, educate good leaders who will acquire 6 abilities:

  1. Creating good relationships
  2. Understanding others’ feelings
  3. Controlling own emotions
  4. Setting and achieving objectives
  5. Having acceptable influence on people
  6. Inspiring other people’s ambitions

She also put stress on teaching computer to the children right from primary school because computer science is a very essential and obvious tool for changing our lives today.

All the authorities and parents present at the event were very happy. They appreciated the initiative and also the children’s performance in less than 2 months.

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The inspector of Basic Education said that he was impressed by what children could perform in such a short time of learning. He congratulated the high quality of teachers and the ability of pupils to learn very fast. The Mayor said that though the number of the children schooling in SunLuna this year is very small because of the authorization to open the school that came out late, next year all of them will send their children. She added that “learning is going on here, it is serious”

Parents also gave very good testimonies of how their children have improved not only in their studies but in their behavior at home.

The ceremony closed around 1.30’ with gifts to Mrs. Keiko Takahashi and a meal in a cheerful atmosphere.

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