Spain: Divine Principle Lecture

By FFWPU Spain: On November 28th, we organized a Divine Principle lecture in a hotel in Zaragoza, one of the biggest cities in Spain, just halfway Madrid and Barcelona.

Zaragoza is a town that has brought in the past many sisters to the church.

One blessed family, Raimundo and Dolores Fontinele has moved recently there, and they are very active in outreaching and trying hard to expand their tribal foundation. Some brothers had been doing a good job distributing about 20.000 leaflets around the town to invite people to the lecture. We also had the support from brothers and sisters coming from Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga.

We hired a hall with 40 seats. Eight guests came, one family who is friend with the family Fontinele in this area and the rest from the distribution of the leaflets. Even though it wasn’t a big result in numbers; we felt it was worth it because all effort we make to witness and let people know about True Parents is like a seed that sooner or later will bear fruit.

One woman, who came with her friend, was very suspicious and constantly entering and leaving the room, she asked who we are, complaining all the time about the Catholic Church and how things went wrong in her life. But after the lecture, one brother spoke with her and her friend, and then she turned completely around. She left uplifted and with a big smile on her face. She even gave her address and dates to keep in touch with her.

We hope we can soon come back to Zaragoza.