France: UPF South East Round Table


UPF France, South-East Region, December 6, 2015: The primary goal of our meeting is always to educate our Peace Ambassadors in order for them to understand God’s heart and their own value in God’s eyes as altruistic persons who bridge over all barriers to serve mankind.

Some of them have reached a still rare level of maturity. For example, this lady, university professor, local elected official, chair of an exceptional association, immigrant, yet totally invested in the service to others. With a mother’s heart she educates her colleagues to more tolerance, more kindness and giving to others.

She presented around 50 paintings remembering the victims of November 13th, created by the members of her association. Being a Peace Ambassador for a year now, she has participated in Geneva at our UPF conference. Today, two of her collaborators received the nomination as well.

The French-Armenian artist Claude Tchavouch, was our guest of honor at this Round Table. He proposed to our local UPF chapter to chair an event in memory of the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide. He himself had suffered many years under communism in the Soviet Union.

One of his paintings of Noah and the Flood Judgement captured our attention. He attempts to forget the genocide of many of our ancestors. Even if he has reached a certain age, he volunteers every day at a foodbank, serving the descendants of those who exterminated his family and people. He does this with great humility and generosity, practicing Jesus’ command to love one’s enemy. We chose today’s topic for him. He shed tears today.

There was also a small B-Moll: some of our guests felt kind of annoyed by the respect shown to the founder of UPF. Yet, despite this somehow ill-feelings, they were touched deeply by our speakers, notably Jacques Marion who concluded this day of education. He and René Chaillié spoke deeply and elaborated on the Foundations of Faith and Substance that Noah demonstrated.

President Anote Tong of Kiribati was given as an example of a modern-day Noah. A second-generation couple, Jean-Sébastien & Marii Brédard, offered a presentation of various scientific explanations of the Flood Judgement.

The discussions followed were rich, accompanied with cake and coffee lovingly prepared by some of our ladies.