Service Project: We and You, Together, One History!

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By FFWPU Romania: On Romanian National Day, December 1, 2015, we decided to celebrate it together with the people that are not so fortunate and are lonely: a group of old people from a elderly care center. We know how important it is to serve our grandparents, which is like serving God, but in our days the gap between young and old generation is quite big, and we tend to forget about our ancestors.

Anyway our purpose was to bring joy to the old people by interacting with them and offering something, but also we wanted to educate our members on how to practice true love and learn how to respect elderly people as our ancestors and learn some life lessons from them.

We prepared few Romanian songs and a traditional dance as well. We were very happy because “our grandparents” enjoyed the songs, and they even sang with us and that ends up dancing together. They were happy and grateful because they said for long time they didn’t have any chance to participate in such event.

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After the artistic moment, we had time to share more with them about life; we naturally made groups and discussed, asking them few questions like: “What is the biggest joy in somebody’s life?”, “What kind of advice would you like to give for the young people?” and “What is the most precious memory in your life?”. The elders started to tell us stories about their families, about their youth and their life experiences. Was nice feeling, because although they were living there alone, without their loved ones, they were positive and treated us like their grandchildren, which made us feel very happy and gave us hope for life. They advised us to have big dreams and always strife to accomplish them.

We also had time to play some board games with the elders, which brought them a lot of joy also. We were able to create a family atmosphere in which really it was like grandchildren are visiting their grandparents.

To have a memory from us, we offered origami that we made, as a sign of peace, with the wish to have good health and prosperity.

We are grateful that we had the chance to have this experience; we could learn more about the meaning of filial piety and have this feeling of One family under God. At the end, we had a small sharing with our volunteers and one of them said: “I thought that we come here to give love, but actually we received lots of love!” And this was what we all had felt.

We hope in the future, we can keep our own families close and united, creating the culture of true love in our tribe, in which we won’t need to wait for a special event to meet and spend time together.

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