France: Seongwha Ceremony for Dawn Jouret

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By FFWPU France: On this unusually mild December afternoon more than 60 members gathered around Jacques Jouret and his sons, Sonjul and Elie, to celebrate the ascension of our sister, Dawn Jouret (Golding).

The ceremony began with messages from our continental leader, Jack Corley, and from our special envoys, Dr. No Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon, being read. This was followed by a reading from Cheon Seong Gyeong (, which explained the meaning of the Seongwha Ceremony, then two holy songs, and an opening prayer by our national leader, Mr. Jean-François Moulinet.

Dawn’s biography was then read, a reminder of her life of service to God and True Parents which took her around the world, and after the recording of the song Arirang by the New Hope Singers, of which Dawn was a member, was played.

Two testimonies were then shared, one from a brother who joined our movement in the Central African Republic. One day the members heard a new missionary couple was coming to their country and the wife was from South Africa. This being the time when the apartheid system was in effect in South Africa, they waited to see if she was white South African or black.

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When they saw a white sister they observed her behavior closely, not knowing what to expect. Much to their surprise they discovered a sister with much heart who became a mother for them.

The second testimony was from Dawn’s son, Sonjul, who remembered fondly her kitchen skills, especially her carrot cake, which we would all like to have tried. He spoke of the large servings she prepared to make sure her family always had enough to eat. And the way she always had a kind word when anyone left the house. “Be careful”, she would say which left him feeling cared for.

Then as the South African national anthem played, all the families lit incense to pay their respects to Dawn.

We then followed Dawn into the cemetery for the Won Jeun Ceremony. It was a pleasant surprise that the spot chosen for Dawn was right next to Tony Yuen, a 2nd generation member who went to spirit world after a bus accident in 2010.

When the Won Jeun Ceremony was done we went into another room in the cemetery where three more testimonies were shared and then Jacques could share some words about Dawn.

Everyone then took time for some refreshments and sharing which went on for almost two hours, as everyone felt so comfortable being together.

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