Heavenly Tribal Messiah Seminar in Canada

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By FFWPU Canada: We held a Tribal Messiah Workshop in Torento on November 21, 2015 and we invited the USA HQ Witnessing Department Team to facilitate this workshop.

This workshop was held on the foundation of several Sunday services and group discussions (held recently during the current 124-day prayer and witnessing condition) that were focused on fostering understanding of how to be successful in the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission.

Together, our church members shared 3 meals, and exchanged personal stories and testimonies with one another, for the purpose of refreshing our first experiences with the Divine Principle and True Parents. These activities took all participants to feel the spirit of the early church.

This workshop has helped members to have a clear goal-setting strategy for oneself, one’s family, one’s tribe and even for the community. It has helped to lead members to have a purpose-driven life with clear goals.

In addition, this workshop was meaningful for team-building, as teams were made who can now strive towards fulfilling individual, family, and tribal goals by sharing and encouraging one another. This workshop has helped to make a more functional church organization, by striving to fulfill team and community goals with a clear reporting system centering on a leader.

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