CARP South Africa: 7-day workshop

CARP South Africa: We held a 7-day workshop from November 29 to December 6, 2016 with 25 participants.

The purpose of the workshop was to empower CARP members and the management team with the knowledge about the core values of CARP and Youth federation, which is the Divine Principle.

The participants included newly recruited University students, CARP core members and the CARP management team.

Divine Principle: Lectures were given from Introduction to chapter 9 by various leaders from FFWPU South Africa

We also had three lectures (Core values, Creator of Peace, My Identity as well as Strategic Plan for next year.) as the core values which were taught in order to give an overview of the nature of the two organizations (CARP and Youth Federation for World Peace and Unification) and their purposes.

Morning Exercise: It was good to wake up to the scent of fresh air and the promise of a healthy body. Morning exercise activities included aerobics and jogging in which participants learnt that exercising our physical bodies is just as important as it is to exercise our spiritual bodies.

A time to enjoy: we went out to “Rosebank Mall” where Participants found it refreshing to visit the mall; after learning the Divine Principle; and see the nature of modern society from a different perspective. And to “Zoo Lake” which was a time to relax and get to know God through all that he has created, activities included boat rides, games and sitting on the grass, and the best of all, playing with ducks.

Talent show: Amazing performances by our participants and singers from True Generation helped to keep us awake in between the lectures.

Certificate Ceremony: Participants were given awards for their cooperation and participation during the workshop. Awards presented at Sunday Service on the last day of the workshop by the FFWPU national leader Rev. Kunene.

And at the end the closing remarks by YFWP/CARP South Africa President, Mr. Lavie Sengea