Russia: Divine Principle Seminar

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By FFWPU Russia: A 3-day seminar on the Divine Principle was held near St. Petersburg on 6 – 8 of November. Its main purpose was to study the history of the providence of restoration (lecture “The parallels in history”, “Last 400 years of preparations for the Second Advent of the Messiah”). The seminar ended with lectures on “The purpose of coming of the Messiah” and “The Second Advent”. The seminar participants were invited to further study the Divine Principle and the True Parents’ Course. The seminar was attended by 12 people. Among them were two new guests. The main lecturer was Marianna Sokurova. All participants have left good reviews. They expressed their wish to continue their education.

The seminar for schoolchildren on “Living for others” was held on1 – 3 of November. On the first day, there were 29 children. Among them, 16 children attended a 3-day seminar. At this workshop the children participated in Hoon Dok Hae.

The first day was a family event. The participants visited the Sunday Service and the Sunday School classes. Then, there was a family dinner followed by the evening communication and birthday celebrations. On the second day, there were three educational lectures on creation and life for others.

On the last day, there was a trip to the suburbs. The participants visited a shelter for homeless animals, where they cleaned the territory as a part of the service project. At the close of the seminar, they altogether prepared dinner.

On November 28, two people from the North-west region participated in the seminar for the candidates for Marriage Blessing, in Moscow. They also participated in matching. One of the matched couples was international.

Small groups meetings are held in the region on a weekly basis. Two meetings of blessed wives and four meetings of blessed husbands per week are held.