Russia: Day of Tolerance in Ryazan

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By UPF Russia: On the eve of the International Day of Tolerance, a wonderful festival – dance and film evening – was held on November 14, 2015, in Ryazan.

The meeting was organized in “Antikafe”. Representative of Universal Peace Federation addressed the audience. The guests enjoyed the dance presentations, were served different national dishes, and watched a movie. 50 guests were expected, but in reality about 80 people came to the event. The event was a success. We read Father’s words, and as a result a good atmosphere was created. Almost all families helped in organizing of event and preparing meals.

In the early evening, the guests enjoyed dances of different nations performed by the dancers of the studio “Russian Party” and attended the dancing master-class of the head of the studio, Valentina Silvestrova.

On the part of the Universal Peace Federation, Olga Nezdoyminova, explained that the notion of “tolerance” in our time is understood ambiguously. Primarily, we understand this concept as respect for people and nation’s diversity, languages and religions… We read the words of Dr. Moon, founder of UPF, that mankind must become one family under God.

One of the projects that contribute to the unity of the world is the project “Peace Road”. Many of the guests attended the welcoming event for participants of the auto-race “Peace Road” in Ryazan, on July 25, 2015. The guests of the meeting were shown video clips about the “Peace Road” project in Ryazan.

After the dancing performance, for participants of the meeting, tables with dishes of Korean, Tajik, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Indian and, of course, Russian cuisine were set. Everyone could enjoy the taste of any meal, talk to the cook, make comments, and take the recipes. Refreshments were served to the sounds of the Ukrainian and Russian songs.

Finally, the guests watched the movie “Water. A new dimension”, then the guests shared their impressions. All the participants parted in a good mood.