Re-launching Ceremony of Youth Federation for World Peace Kenya

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YFWP Kenya: On November 29, 2015 we held an event to re-launching of YFWP Kenya with the theme “challenges of youths in transition” at the peace house Nairobi Kenya with the participation of 40 young leaders and youths from different areas.

Mr. Kouame Dieudonne chairman (YFWP Kenya), Professor Thomas Hwang the special emissary to the East African region were the main speakers.

The chairman Mr. Kouame Dieudonne gave a presentation on the history, vision, goal and mission of YFWP. He explained the crucial role that the organization will play and the great potential it has to raise a new generation of leaders who lives for the sake of the greater good.

In the group discussion on the theme (challenges of youths in transition) most of the youth realized that the premature sexual relationships is one of the biggest problem they are facing.

Other challenges are: alcoholism, drugs, tribalism and crime

At the end of the discussions they realizes that through character education and true family values they resolve most of the problems facing the youth.

Most of the youth leaders decided to partner with YFWP Kenya in order to empower their youth through character education, true family values education and sexual purity programs.

The program ended with entertainment and refreshments during which time the youth leaders exchanged ideas and their contacts. A total of 40 youth and youth leaders participated.


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