Explaining the Purpose and Benefits of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs to a General Audience


By Dr. Robert Kittel: First ask, “How can a nation develop economically and maintain its moral and family values?”

Many countries have developed economically. However, what country has developed economically and maintained its moral and ethical values—East or West, irrespective of their religion?

Why is this so? What exactly is the problem? Why is it that when countries develop economically they also lose their traditional family-based values? It is so common, there is a saying, ‘In the fruit of prosperity are the seeds of destruction.’ But why? If we cannot solve this problem, then we can never have truly sustainable development (i.e. fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Goals). Are nations and civilizations doomed to rise and fall forever?

In a nutshell the problem is: Prosperity without Principles! As nations develop economically it is easier for people to be more and more selfish. If people are not grounded in the principles of public-mindedness or living for the sake of others, then their prosperity can be easily undermined by excessive selfishness.

As people development economically they often set aside religion. Either they don’t have time for it or think it is irrelevant. But inside every religion is a precious diamond, a treasured jewel. It is called marriage. The institution of marriage has been honored and celebrated publicly by all religions throughout history.

The problem is that when people set aside religion they also set aside marriage. Even unknowingly they might think, “If religion is irrelevant, then so too is marriage.” Unfortunately, by setting aside marriage they are also setting aside the foundation for our moral and family values.

True Father has taught that the origin of love, life, lineage—and conscience—comes from the proper use of our sexual organ. Conjugal love is the glue that brings together a man and a woman, uniting them together in an unbreakable bond of love so that together they reflect the nature of God and complete each other.

Then how to solve this problem? How can we develop economically and maintain the institution of marriage? This is the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs (HTM).

Normally, when people get married it is centered on one family (or an extended family) and one religious tradition. Therefore, to prevent moral and family values from declining as we develop economically, often setting aside religion, we need to take the institution of marriage and celebrate it in an inter-religious, or really a trans-religious, setting.

This is accomplished through the HTM blessings. The best way (and maybe the only one) to prevent the demise of marriage and the social chaos that follows is to celebrate marriage beyond the limitations of a single family and religion.

So, even though religions may be set aside as nations begin to prosper economically, the institution of marriage is still respected, honored and held in high esteem.

Thus marriage, not religion, becomes the center of our social norms and values!