Purity Program: The Best Love Song! –Time to think about future family

FFWPU Romania, November 3, 2015: We organized Purity Education Event. The purpose of this program was share the message about ‘Absolute Sex’ for all kind of people. Specially ‘How important prepare for future family’, ‘Importance of Sexual Purity’ and ‘What is the difference between True Love and False Love’.

This program started with introducing each other in joyful atmosphere. In this time, we shared ‘What is Love?’ for each of us and we could understand how people think about Love. Some of them shared ‘Love is emotional fact that we can’t explain with ward,’ and some of them shared ‘Love is action, sacrifice.’ So we started presentation in order to discover what is the true meaning of love.

First the lecturer asked what kind of love we want. And we could understand we all want absolute love not changeable love, eternal love not instant love. So we all agreed that our original heart wish to have True Love for the future relationship, marriage and family.

But in our society there is many kind of influence from movies, stories and songs. So after presentation we closed 2 songs to change the lyrics and make it most beautiful Love song. We chose ‘Bad Romance from Rady GaGa’ and ‘Happy Ending from Mika’ because these songs have lyrics that talks about opposite kind of love from love which we want. So we made 3 team to make them as new song. All the team made it very beautiful song. And in the end we had concert with these songs. All the participants were so happy to work with songs and sing with new lyrics. We believe that we could make the best love song!

The conclusion was the most important preparation is ‘Sexual Purity’ and focus to develop ourselves. We wish this program bring new wind of True Love for Romania young people and help them to create ideal family in the future.