Portugal: Christmas and CARP Workshop

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By FFWPU Portugal: CARP Portugal began since September 2015 and our first workshop for Christmas with seven participants. We tried to bring the CARP spirit through conferences, testimonies and created concrete strategies/actions to develop CARP in the future. We had a chance to do fundraising and witnessing on the last day. Most of them never fundraise before.”

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On 20 of December, we held Christmas Celebration in our peace embassy. Around 70 peoples attend this special Sunday service which included members and ambassadors of peace.

At the beginning of the event we watched True Mother message and the weekly update video, which truly inspired everyone and we want to express and THANKS to all who work in the preparation of the video every Weeks (Weekly Update) Adju.

Our program continued with singing several song, listening to some testimonies, and in the end sharing a very joyful meal together.

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