Marriage Rededication and Peace Blessing in Nepal

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By FFWPU Nepal: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing whirlwind continuously hitting the entire Nepal, The first week of the month of December there is a heavenly disaster was happen. There we’re (10) ten Heavenly Tribal Blessing was being done at the same time last December 5, 2015, from different Region. This tremendous event has been happen due to brothers and sisters hard work during their intense mobilization from village to village, according to their designated area. We are now in our first stage of second phase programmed where in our target goal before the third week of December is to reach (30,000) couple to be blessed. Last week event we reach 10,000 couple was being blessed. The special Envoy to Nepal, Hon.

Ek Nath Dhakal and the FFWPU-Nepal president Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, tirelessly and restlessly giving their support and guidance according to True Parents will to lift up and liberate the heart of God from deep agony, the Special Envoy Said” This time, is the time to harvest of what True Parents planted in this Nation (Nepal) and this is the time to give glory to Heavenly Parents and True Parents and this is our contribution for the sake of the world and to build a better nation by changing their lineage and engrafted to True Parents”. Brothers and Sisters in the field during their mobilization reflection “They feel the spirit of True Father as they mobilized people and the strength of what they have everyday” . One heavenly tribal messiah mobilizer said” I did not feel tired all day long of approaching and inviting people to come and attend in our programmed”.

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Moreover, during the event; the participants are very interested of the family values and the importance of the blessing. This was given by the lecturer before the main event of the programmed. Member of Parliament was the chief guest of the event and the presence of religious leaders from different various of faith come together to witness and participate in the said event and with the Ambassador for Peace; we invite local Member of Parliament in every Region. In a mean while, the participants are commit themselves and determined to finish the 40 day purification and 3 days ceremony.

Despite the fuel crisis in Nepal, we will continuously strive to march forward, whatever happen and what it will be, in any cost we will restore this nation and offer to Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

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