Paraguay: WFWP at the End of Year Event

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By WFWP Paraguay: On December 16, we held the WFWP Paraguay closing ceremony. The event started with welcoming regards from MC Tania Acosta.

Peace Ambassador Cristina Molinas gave a report about the activities of her NGO Tesape a Foundation with elderly people which inspired the participants deeply and they felt the urge to do more social work for society.

Mrs. Roswitha Giuliano gave an insight about the meaning and founding principles of WFWPI as many guests were new. After that she gave a report about WFWP Paraguay Activities in 2015.

Then all participants sang karaoke song which created a very nice environment.

Then Mrs Giuliano as the president of WFWP Paraguay gave Appreciation Certificates to several women of the WFWP directive commission as well as other women who supported WFWP activities during this year.

The event ended with a beautiful entertainment of songs and dancing and refreshment.

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