Albania: National Gratitude Meeting

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By FFWPU Albania: We hold the National Meeting of all Albanian brothers and sister on December 19– 20, 2015 which we called a GRATITUDE meeting.

After Yeon Ah Nim’s visit to Albania last month, we thought we must do something together as a family to express our gratitude to our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and to each other for being there!

Around 140 brothers and sisters gathered at the Training Center in Mullet – Tirana, to spend quality time together. There were no “lectures” during this gathering. The program was composed in such a way that everybody could enjoy, reflect a lot about the preciousness of living at this era of Cheon Il Guk together with True Parents on earth and also remind ourselves of the responsibility we are entrusted by True Parents to share the Blessing with other people.

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One session was dedicated to True Parents. We listened to True Father’s speech from 2009 on the value of Cosmic Blessing and conditions True Parents had to set for us to be able to receive blessing again and be forgiven. We watched True father’s Seonghwa ceremony video and listened to True Mother’s words. Many brothers and sisters were in tears, remembering our True Father and feeling the heart of True Mother.

Another session was also with video. We asked Albanian brothers and sisters who invested many years for the Providence in Albania and now are living abroad, to send short video-messages for this gathering. It was very moving experience to see brothers and sisters everywhere in the world, together with their blessed families, share their heart and longing for True Parents and Albania as well.

We organized also many games and an evening party where all members could connect more to each other and experience the feeling of being one family.

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The Sunday Service sermon was given by Rev. Gi Young Shin – the Special Envoy of True Parents. He talked about the importance of having clear goals in life and emphasized that fact that our ultimate goal is to become the temples of Heavenly Parent since that is the goal why God created human beings to be able to live in them.

After the deep message of Rev. Shin, members had time to reflect for 40 minutes and set up their goals for 2016.

At the closing ceremony, 13 new brothers and sisters joined the Family and received the membership certificate. Also, to one of the parents, who received the blessing since 1995, a certificate of gratitude was given for his great support and contribution throughout these years. It was very moving and tears of joy were in members’ eyes.

We are very grateful to our Heavenly Parent, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and to all brothers and sisters for all their dedication and contribution toward the realization of Vision 2020!

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