Malaysia Peace Blessing Family Festival

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by FFWPU Malaysia: Malaysia had the very first all Indian participants Blessing Ceremony on 13 December 2015, Sunday at Kuala Selangor, Apps Hotel. This programme was jointly organize with the local government with most of the event cover and funded.

The participants were sent to the Blessing event venue with a bus in the morning. The event started with Malaysia National Anthem and FFWPU Introduction Video. Welcome remarks was given by the representative of YB Manikasavasagam, a formal Member of Parliament, Mr. M. Packianathan. Follow by the women leader of the area, Puan Marina and another leader, Dato Ghazali. The last speacker is Dr. Yoo Chong Young, Senior Advisor of FFWPU Malaysia. He gave a brief sharing about how Malaysia has a connection from the past foundation established through meeting with some leaders of Malaysia in early days, such as Raja Brook from Sarawak.

After the refreshing singing performance from Japanese and Korean Missionaries, the lecture started. Mr. Sudesh G. Balasubramaniam, Lecturer of UPF, delivered his topic “Family Peace for National and World Peace” to the participants mostly workers from the nearby oil palm plantation estate. The participants were connected with the lecturer much because his family was originated from Kuala Selangor. “How we expect our environment to be a good one if even our family are at the risk”. He pointed out how much we need to change our perspective to build peace together instead of just observing as bystander. 3 Days Ceremony and 40 Days separation was very much emphasized throughout the lecture. “You have engage in a 44 Days events not 1 day”.

Then the event proceeding to the Holy Juice ceremony or as explain to the participants as “Toast of True Love.” Next was the Holy water Ceremony and confirmation of Blessing Vows. Benediction prayer given by True Mother in Korean was played to bless the couples. After that the couples exchange blessing garlands instead of rings as in the Hindu wedding tradition. Proclamation of the Blessing Festival was announce by the officiator couple, Dr. Yoo Chong Young follow by the flower presentation to the officiator couple. After offer respective bows to the True Parents, the participants had the 4 cheers of “Eog Mansei” lead by the officiator couple before they took the commemorative photo.

Next anticipated event was the Indemnity Stick Ceremony. After hitting each other, the newly blessed couple fed each other sweet chocolate and hugged each other as loving as they never before. The loving sigh truly makes other envious of their affection towards each other. Before they headed out for lunch, once again they were entertained by the energetic and youthful dance performance of the Korean and Japanese Missionaries.

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