Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Sikhoraphum Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand: On November 16, 2015 Mrs. Watcharin Kaewlamsak, Tribal Messiah group leader join hand with Mrs. Kingmaneeporn, Thai wife from Japan, held Divine Principle lecture and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival at Sikhoraphum district auditorium with the presence of Pol. Capt. Nakarin Katsiri, Chief of Sikhoraphum District Officer as Chairman of event and gave strong support as John the Baptist figure to mobilize community leaders and people to participate. There were 512 people participate. Sikhoraphum is ancient city of Khmer civilization or known as Cambodian today. It has the prestige castle of Sikhoraphum locating in the city which was built more than 850 years ago. People in this area still speak Cambodian and rooted in Cambodian culture.

Now Watcharin and Boontawee Kaewlamsak who had completed restoration of 430 families received so much support from relatives and neighbors who are outstanding new blessed families, they practice Blessed families tradition, strong ownership in mission of Tribal Messiah and they had retired from government or teacher career, such as Teacher Prasit Yodlee who just retired from teacher at age 60 years old and work tirelessly to support.

The program started by Divine Principle lecture in topic “Family is School of Love and Peace”, then follow by opening ceremony, Holy Wine ceremony, Interreligious Prayer from Buddhist monk, Muslim Imam and Christian minister Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul served as officiators represent True Parents. All participatns were so moved by the benediction prayer of True Father from Cheongshim Peace World Center in March 2012.

All participants were inspired by the teaching of True Parents through lecture and overwhelmed with love and happiness that their marriage has been revived, sanctified and past mistake had been forgiven. They determine to become model blessed families by practice blessed family tradition. Some governments and community leaders expect us to continue to expand FFWPU activities in sub-district level in near future.

Watcharin tribal group begin to rapidly expand her capability by gaining support from many New Heavenly Tribal Messiah who are relatives and neighbors who determine to work as staff and with the support of many blessed families from Bangkok and Japan, now Mr. Boontawee & Mrs. Watcharin Kaewlamsak family determine to restore 1.7 million population of Surin province and raise up many new blessed families to become new CIG owners and new Heavenly Tribal Messiah to work hard and invest for the realization of Vision 2020 and establishment of CIG in Thailand.