Lithuania: Heavenly Tribal Messiahship through Home Group

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FFWPU Lithuania: Lithuania has chosen a unique way to do our tribal messiahship by a home group style. Sisters group are doing together the Skype Hoon Dok Hae each morning and the jeonseong condition for reaching out relative’s contact. Recently our blessed family younger brother attended a Divine Principle lecture and then decided to continue his studies; he is coming to lectures every day and attends Hoon Dok Hae. Some blessed members conduct martial arts training to serve their neighborhood and youth. Students are learning Hwang Wha Do in the master Aistis’ home town. They have recently completed a special training course in Vilnius, on November 28. The Tongil Mo Do master-class was given by Andrius Jurkunas to our witnessing guests.

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Japanese Culture Night

On November 10 we held the Japanese Culture night program at our witnessing center in Vilnius with Japanese sisters as Cheon Il Guk missionaries. Thirteen people gathered together and the Japanese sisters demonstrated the culture and traditional games of Japan to new guests. Also they prepared the tasty Japanese meals and showed the way to eat them; all the guests were happy to continue education. It was also the farewell party, because the Japanese missionaries completed their mission — the 30-day witnessing campaign in Lithuania.