Kick-Off Ceremony for 200 Heavenly Tribal Messiah Pioneers

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By FFWPU Nepal:

  • Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal gave the strategic points of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah campaign with the goal to fulfill 156 Heavenly Tribal Messiahs by Foundation Day
  • Dr. Yong gave a 2-hour presentation on “The Reason Why We Must Fulfill Our Mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah.”
  • Everyone made a “Heavenly Tribal Messiah’s Pledge of Commitment”

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FFWPU-Nepal eagerly responds to “True Father’s last prayer to fulfill Tribal Messiah” to bless one hundred thousand previously marrid couples. And for this Two Hundred Heavenly Tribal Messiah  will finish 430 couple and offers during the foundation day on February 2016. Heavenly whirlwind is happening in Nepal through Tribal Messiah Blessing programm. And Asian Top Gun graduates are leading the Heavenly Tribal Messiah programm.

Moreover on November 27, 2015, four hundreds couple gathered in the Far East of Nepal to participate in the blessing ceremony centering on True Parents and  change their lineage. On November 28, 2015, there were nine Heavenly Tribal Messiah events in different district in Nepal at the same time.

At that day six thousand couples has been blessed centering on our True Parents. Two Thousand couple undergoes the 40 day separation period. These newly blessed couple makes a strong commitment to be engrafted to True Parents.

We will complete 100,000 couples blessing who completed 40 days purification and 3 days ceremony, by February 2016.

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