Ecuador: First Home Group Event

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FFWPU Ecuador: We held the event of Home group on November 8, 2015 at our headquarters church in Quito for the first time in two years with 65 participants (including 18 new guests) 9 Home groups (we have 15 home groups). The event was not big size, but it was good enough to give members encouragement to throw more our energy into the activity of Home Group.

All participants were satisfied with the results of the event. In fact, almost members face a difficult problem, or live under difficult condition to continue weekly meetings in their homes. So, Success after that difficulty made them all happier. We planned this event to gain more self- confidence for all members:” We can do”. And all new guests said that they like to participate in next event. We thank for the help of spiritual world and dedication of all members.

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The program included the message of leader of church instead of sermon, introduction and cheering of each Home Group, the testimony of three new guests and the presentation of three Home Groups. Each performance of Home Group was very good than we expected. And we intended to connect other province throughout Internet, but it was not done, due to lack of capacity of environment. We will prepare it for next time.

Truly, it was good occasion to start newly the Home Group Activity.

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