The International AIDS Day: Pure Love Festival 2015 in Haiti

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By FFWPU Haiti: We visited schools or neighborhoods in advance to invite people for the event. And on December 1, 2015 we hold Pure Love Festival 2015 in our headquarters. We were so glad to see that over 225 new people, young girls and boys with their parents participated

Participants came to study the new ways to prevent AIDS and think seriously about sexual issues in relation to our children, our families and our own lives.

The event began with the national anthem, singing by young people which created a very good mood. Later Rev. Theodule Paul, President of FFWPU-Haiti gave a lecture on “Living in the Era of AIDS.” In his lecture he went on to talk directly about the “Fall of Man” from the Divine Principle. In addition, Mrs. Fujiko Paul, President of WFWP Haiti gave a testimony of Pure Love.

Listening to the lectures, participants inspired to keep their purity and pledged to defend it. After the lectures, everyone enjoyed singing and dancing. And at the end, everyone participated in reciting the “pledge of purity”.

This has been an annual event that we held every year on December 1st, with the hope to help our community to be connected top True4 Parents.

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