Dominican Republic: Experiencing the Divine Principle Workshop in the Mountain

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FFWPU Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard: We hold a 7-day Divine Principle Workshop in the Mountain on December 14 to 20, 2015 with the theme “Before try to dominate the Universe, Dominates yourself” taken from True Parent Words.

This seminar was organized by the CARP center with the participation of 40 prominent university students amount them also 15 boys and girls from second generation joint to have the great experience to climb the highest mountain in Caribbean Region, called “Pico Duarte” with 3,087 mts over the sea level.

During 4 days, leaders from FFWPU headed by the special envoy, Rev. Dae Hee Hong, Mr. Cesar Regalado, Secretary of UPF, Mr. Leonidas Belliard, the national leader and Mr. Bernardo Cruz, National CARP president, gave lectures on different chapter of the Divine Principle in a very concentrated time from early morning to late at night. The Participants listened carefully at all time. Participants mostly came from the one-to-one teaching program developed in Carp center during last three months.

After each lecture we had the Q&A time in which participants raised many questions. It was a good time for the lecturer to explain in details and clarify important points.

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The 40 participants were divided into 4 groups in order to give them the opportunities to get familiar with each other, so during the seminar they did everything together and experience living for the sake of others.

After the first 4 days lecture, we the ceremony of determination to climb the mountain 23.5 kms which was a very difficult path. It was to experience the difficulties of True Parent life course as the captain explained in his address.

Later as participants gave testimonies on their experiences, most of them expressed it was first time to have such great opportunity, so it would be difficult to forget it. One of participants said: “It was the best way to experience the Christmas time, so that was my best choice”.

As result of opening the new carp center, we could bring these students to this seminar, so now we are harvesting the good fruits for the providence. Our next program is to bring them to a 40-days internal program with the goal of teach them how to practice the life of faith so that they can chose to live for the sake of others and support True Parents.



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