Everyday Heroes: Between Conscience and Unconditional Love

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CARP Romania, November 6, 2015: Given our recent tragic events in Romania we decided for the Open HoonDokHae meeting to talk about everyday heroes and how their actions reflect both true love for the sake of others as well as a strong voice of conscience. Almost one week and a half ago there was an incident in down-town Bucharest when a club full of people burnt down killing about 15 people and injuring a whole lot more. This happening lead to several protests against corruption and flawed administration of the public services that gathered more than 25.000 people all over the country. And there have been heroic gestures to save the others as well as heroic behavior from people that stand up, “use” their voice and fight a silent and non-violent war in hope for a better future for the country.

Our meeting in the Peace-Center downtown started with a few minutes of silence in the memory of the ones that lost or sacrificed their lives and then it continued with a beautiful discussion about the people we have met or are part of our lives and that have inspired us through their love and sacrifice, with higher superpowers than even Superman. These people are around us: our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, our brothers and sisters, our church leaders or simple people on the street that manifest such greatness of heart that saves lives.

One main idea discussed was that the truth about heroism is: normal people are the ones that make heroic gestures.

Society promotes traditional heroes in a wrong way as they are seen as exceptions. They organize their entire life around being heroes. This is why we know their names. Our children’s heroes are also role-models for them, because they have some superpowers. But we need to make our children realize that most heroes are normal, average people and that the heroic behavior is the unusual part. Our purpose is to develop in them this kind of imagination, this etiquette that states: “I am a hero that’s waiting!” and to teach them how to live their lives in this mind- set. To be a hero, you need to learn to be a nonconformist because you will have to act against the general trend of society.

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Real heroes are normal people whose social directed actions are extraordinary: they act, they are not just waiting for somebody else to save the day!

We have put together a very inspiring material from two of Romania’s most gifted priests and we felt the participants inspired by the message and the general atmosphere in the CARP family.

Another idea that grew as the sharing continued was that: only when we do good we can gain what haters cannot have: peace and quiet – the supreme treasures. Useless to have it all: intelligence, culture, wisdom, more culture, PhDs, more PhDs, if we are evil, wicked, rude, vulgar, stupid and foolish, we’re not worth a penny, it all goes down the drain: intelligence, knowledge, all the PhDs and all the international gatherings that we attend, the scholarships we win after challenging contests. Nothing can replace or substitute even the smallest kindness, the smallest good will, tolerance, understanding, the smallest of our acts of decency.

The goodness of heart is not a subtle and sophisticated virtue, it is a fundamental attribute of the human being and at the same time an attribute of culture. You must feel the need to love. If we happen to do the right thing, we shouldn’t be doing it conditionally, because we might become inflexible. We must act out of pure and true love and as much as we are able to. Charity is not just sharing.

Generosity is accepting a person to sit beside you without pushing him away in your mind.

At the end of the group discussions we took the time to also share in between teams, one of the best ideas being that we can become everyday heroes as much as we offer our support and unconditional love to the others, all of the ones around us, and for this reason we must develop our emotional side, our empathy and sensitivity.

We could all feel that this HoonDokHae’s message was very special and personal, because we all try, as Family members to put true love in action with the sincerest JeongSung. We are very grateful in front of our beautiful and precious Heavenly Parents and True Parents for their love, inspiration and guidance that helped us organize and hold this Friday meeting.