USA: Colorado Family Church Studies True Parents’ Course


by FFWPU USA (Colorado Family Church, Michael Hentrich): On December 12-13, 2015, the Colorado Family Church received a special guest presenter, Dr. Andrew Wilson. Dr. Wilson has been teaching for over 30 years as the professor of religious studies at the Unification Theological Seminary, as well as being heavily involved in the translation of the three latest compilations of the Holy Scriptures. On his own initiative, he has been presenting around the world on his presentation titled, “True Father and True Mother: A Glorious Partnership.”

Despite the snowfall, about 20 people came to attend this presentation. He included sources ranging from the Bible, the original untranslated Divine Principle, Aristotle, and much more. Unificationist David Mahardy said, “The presentation was fabulous! It was very clear and articulate, and way overdue. I’m very grateful for Dr. Wilson’s great efforts in this area, and I’ll be studying his work very hard.”

The main focus of the presentation was to share about True Mother’s role in the providence of True Parents. After the presentation, there was time for questions and answers. After the presentation everyone gathered in the church dining room to enjoy delicious gelato and sorbet provided by one of the local members, Anton Scherbl, who owns a Gelato Shop in Denver.

The atmosphere after the presentation was very bright, with many people asking questions, both personal and related to the presentation. At that time, several of the attendees asked Dr. Wilson if he would be willing to give the presentation again the next day, to which he agreed.

After attending Sunday service the following day, Dr. Wilson presented to a crowd of over 40 people nearly overflowing the room. Some people who attended the Saturday presentation came back again to hear it on Sunday. Many people came up to Dr. Wilson afterward and expressed their gratitude to him for taking the time and effort to give these presentations, and they felt that it really answered the questions and concerns that they felt. Shirley Chimes stated, “Dr. Wilson was refreshing and reassuring to listen to. He helped me understand more about Christianity and Cheon Il Guk.”

The following is a testimony from Gale Alves, one of the attendees:

“I thought Dr. Wilson gave a very presentation that was very well aligned with the Divine Principle on True Father’s and True Mother’s courses. All of his comments were steeped in the Divine Principle and True Parents’ words and in True Father’s final prayer.”

“I heard Dr. Wilson’s presentation for the first time a couple months ago at a leader’s conference in Las Vegas,” said Pastor Michael Hentrich. “At that time, it gave me a sense of reassurance and confidence in following True Mother. I could see from the presentation in Denver that Dr. Wilson has worked hard to improve his presentation to be even better since that time and really could appreciate his passion for what he does. In my opinion, he is very knowledgeable and well-qualified to be doing what he is doing, and I appreciate that he is doing this on his own initiative.”