Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Patumratwongsa Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival at Patumratwongsa district, Amnatchareon province, Northeast of Thailand.

There were 431 people and 232 families participated at Auditorium of Patumratwongsa Office district at Amnatchareon province with the great support of government and community leaders on November 18, 2015. Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul tribal group is the main host of this blessing with determination to raise up ten thousands of CIG citizens.

All participants listened to Divine Principle, TP’s teaching on family and 8 steps to become Model blessed families by complete 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony. Mr.Thawatchai Trakankasikit, Deputy Chief Officer of Patumratwongsa district gave opening ceremony. All participants were so moved and inspired by holy wine ceremony, invocation prayer from religious leaders and benediction prayer from True Parents. The True Love atmosphere between wives and husbands expanded to the whole government district hall. Many of them wants FFWPU to come again to hold Blessing in community of sub-district level and to bring FFWPU teaching and activities to reach to their neighbors and grass root communities.