Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Dokjanrattanaram temple, Thailand

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn: Mr. Boontawee & Mrs. Watcharin Kaewlamsak determine to bring the greatest joy to True Parents by fulfilling mission of Tribal Messiah, help other blessed families to fulfill and raising hundreds thousands of CIG citizens in order to fulfill Vision 2020. They had already fulfilled restoration of 430 families completed 3 days ceremony and use their home in Nongbua sub-district, Thatum district, Surin province to establish FFWPU Ideal Family Center and raise up many new CIG owners.

Boontawee & Watcharin had organized blessing ceremony at Auditorium of Rattanaburi Government District Hall on Nov 13, 2015, from that success, the new Chief of District Officer, Sub-district director and Village leaders are united to request FFWPU to hold Blessing and Divine Principle education to all 12 sub-districts of Rattanaburi. Thab Yai was chosen to be first sub-district to be organized blessing ceremony with the co-ownership of Mr. Marudet Srilert and Mrs. Miyuki Haga, Thai-Japanese Blessed Family 30,000 couples who join with Watcharin tribal group to fulfill mission of Tribal Messiah. Blessing at Thab Yai subdistric was held at main hall of the Holy Buddhist Temple “Wat Dokjanrattanaram” with 314 people participated, even though Watcharin & Boontawee had only 6 days to mobililize guests and prepare for ceremony.

Rev. Lee Ker Shung, Greater China Continental Director; Rev. Lee Tzau Hwei, National Leader of Taiwan; Mrs. Lily Chen, VP of WFWP International and other 14 leaders from Greater China Continent visited Thailand and participated in this blessing ceremony and visited FFWPU Thailand HQ in Bangkok in order to inherit and learn the Victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiah from Asia.  They were welcome and received presentation from Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director of Asia, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy of Thailand and Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of FFWPU Thailand.

The Blessing ceremony began by Lecture of Divine Principle and Significance of Blessing by Mr. Boontawee Kaewlamsak, Heavenly Tribal Messiah. Mr. Prasit Yodlee, the new blessed family who completed 3 days ceremony 3 years ago who take ownership of New Heavenly Tribal Messiah served as brand new MC. Then, it followed by Thai traditional welcoming dance which rooted in Khmer civilization. Mrs. Panida Duangjinda, VP of WFWP Thailand gave welcoming remark. Opening remark is given by Mr. Rongrat Jong-utsah, Deputy Chief of Rattanaburi District Officer. Next, it followed by Holy Wine ceremony which all participants feel so deep happiness and gratitude through the experience of sanctification of blood lineage and the atmosphere of love.

Then, it followed by Interreligious prayer by Buddhist monk, Christian minister and Thai folk belief religious leader. Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul served as Officiator. At the end, Dr.Lek and FFWPU committee present the certificate of appreciation to Thabyai sub-district director and Village leaders, then follow by Indemnity stick ceremony.

All participants were so impressed and happy with the heart of gratitude. They determined to follow FFWPU teaching and complete 40 days separation and 3 days ceremony and want to support the work of FFWPU to be expanded to all communities in Rattanaburi district.

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