Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony in Cambodia

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By FFWPU Cambodia, Hajime Saito: This is the 3rd Interfaith Blessing Ceremony, which we held at Battambang Province. From 27th November to 1st December, 7 participants from Battambang province attended Asian Leadership Conference (ALC: is the Divine Principle workshop for the High Level VIPs) in Bangkok. Deputy Chief of Bavel District, Mr. Vin Huoth was one of them. The moment he came back from Bangkok, he organized Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony in his Bavel District. During the ALC participants not only learned Divine Principle but also they joined Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony at Thailand Peace Embassy with Thailand families. So it was clear for him in how to substantialize what he learned during the conference. Mr. Vin Houth together with Mr. Hut Hen, Director of UPF-Cambodia, Battambang Branch prepared this Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony (IPBC), and Mr. Vin Houth decided to held this Blessing Ceremony at District Hall with Co-Host for this event.

On December 11, 2015, FFWPU-Cambodia conducted the IPBC at Bavel District Hall, Battambang Province. Almost 300 couples gathered at the Bavel District Hall for this Blessing Ceremony. Mr. Seng Samol, UPF-Cambodia, Thek Thla Branch director was the MC at the preprogram and Mr. Hut Hen gave the lecture about “Family as the school of love and peace”. Mr. Hut Hen served his carrier as university lecturer for several years in Battambang city. Many participants paid attention to 40 minutes lecture (on Principle of Creation, Human Fall and the Meaning and Value of Blessing) given by famous philosophy lecturer in Battambang. After that we had the Holy Wine Ceremony was conducted by Mr. Hut Hen and Ena Y couple. MC explained the meaning of the Holy Wine Ceremony as a tools to change the blood lineage to beginning of a new life, new love and new lineage.

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Mr. Vin Houth, deputy district leader, who attended Asian Leadership Conference in Bangkok made his best for this event, and Chief of Bavet District, Mr. Tim Daret and Chief of Bavet District Council, Mr. Nhoek Pich came to this Blessing Ceremony to encourage the people in Bavet District. Mr. Vin Houth already testified True Parents to as the “Peace King” his boss, Mr. Tim Daret. Because of this when Mr. Tim Daret came to Blessing Ceremony venue, he bowed to the True Parents photo. Main Program began with national anthem of Cambodia. After that participants watched a video on “Introduction of FFWPU” which was already translated into local Khmer language (Cambodian language). Mrs. Yew Ling Fang from Malaysia gave welcoming message and she talked about her own experience with True Parents. She mentioned that Divine Principle solved all the problem and question of her life. It is easy to meet with master for study but it is not easy to see the master of life. Divine Principle gave the hope of light to her. She encouraged all participants to study Divine Principle as True Parents’ philosophy. One of the speakers requested UPF to conduct this Blessing ceremony not only in Bavel district town but also at whole commune. (Bavel District has 9 communes)

Chief of Bavel District, Mr. Tim Daret, invited highest Buddhism Monk, respected Islam Imam and well-known Christian pastor as the interreligious prayer. When he heard the report during Asian Leadership Conference from Mr. Vin Houth, he was inspired about interreligious leaders’ prayer. So for the Blessing ceremony, in order to give higher Blessing to his participants, he asked high level religious leaders to give their Blessing. Mr. & Mrs. Saito, regional director of UPF-Indochina, officiated the blessing as representative of True Parents. Because of Mr. Tim Daret showed good example for his people in his district, all the representative couples before they go up to the stage, they bowed to True Parents photo. Highlight of this Blessing Ceremony was the Benediction Prayer from True Parents. Through the video, participants received True Father’s prayer of March 2012 at Cheongshim World Peace center which translated into Khmer (Cambodian) language. After proclamation of Blessing, Mr. Saing Sen, deputy director of International University, gave testimony as senior Blessed Family on how his life transformed by True Parents. This Bavel District was the place he spent the time in his young age. When he was young, it was the hard time as Pol Pot regime. (Cambodia has the dark history of genocide. In that time, two million to three million people was killed by the revolutionary communist organization, it’s called Khmer Rouge. Head of Khmer Rouge was Mr. Pol Pot.)

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Now externally Cambodia has the peace but still people are suffering. There is no war but still peace didn’t came to Cambodia. When he met the True Parents, he became to know what the True Peace is. In order to realize True Peace, he decided to devote his life for the work of True Parents. After concluding Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony with Three Cheers of Ok Man Sae, Indemnity Stick Ceremony was held. People understood that Indemnity Stick Ceremony is to restore the past mistake, and dispensation of start for purification 40 days separation. So as all the participants are necessary to do Indemnity Stick Ceremony. This is the 3rd Blessing Ceremony which organized in Battambang Province.

Battambang Province has 13 districts. Among 13 districts, we held the event in two districts, Somlout District and Bavel District. Both of this district are waiting to held in all commune. According to True Parents guidance, Tribal Messiahs are to restore the nation. (cf. Speech of Rev. Sun Myung Moon 118-161). Now gradually we can see the way of even not national restoration yet but provincial restoration and we believe what we did in Battambang, we can do in all 25 provinces in Cambodia. We are so grateful to our regional president, Dr. Chung Sik Yong who gave us the vision to do this work. And more than anything, we are so grateful in front of True Parents who gave the authority to all Blessed Families to become Heavenly Tribal Messiah. We will go forward!!

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