France: A Biltera Workshop

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By WFWP Czech Republic, Eleonora Pražáková: On December 4th, we repeated our introductory seminar to Biltera (Infusion of God’s love into the Earth), since there was great interest of new people. We were altogether 19 people: 9 FFWPU members (including some younger generations), and 10 new women guests. Eva Slováková from Slovakia (the founder of the Biltera workshops) was leading the workshop, and Eleonora Pražáková from Olomouc was the MC.

On December 5th, an additional 4 guests came, who had attended the introductory seminar before the summer. The first day of the workshop, Friday, was moderated by Marcela Rozehnalová, the Czech WFWP President. She introduced the Women’s Federation, its significance and its activities. During the seminar a very high spiritual atmosphere arose, and the participants were very excited. We created also a very nice physical environment through hospitality and caring for the guests. Everyone was very nice and helpful, we felt like in Heaven. All are interested in further cooperation, and more seminars. They are also willing, to assist in the preparation of these seminars, of materials and translation into Czech.

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