Dominican Republic: Graduation Ceremony for “Character Education” Teachers

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FFWPU Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard: On December 12, 2015, with the presence of a selected group of 43 teachers and ambassador for peace, the School for Character Education, recently founded with the first edition of this diploma, hold the graduation event for 12 students who dedicated during 12 weeks attending every Saturday to the class. Students during the classes learned much how to be better citizens and also learned many tools to apply to their students in daily concern as teachers.

This Diploma class began last September 12th and finished on November 27th, 2015. The school for character education was founded base on the inspiration and motivation of the congresswomen Karen Ricard, who participated in the ILC of UPF in Korea on august 2013 in the occasion of TF Seonghwa Ceremony.

The first event about this school was two-days program for character education for teachers in November 2015 in congressmen Club supported by the deputy Ricardo, so based on these resulted a group of 7 teachers began to work in the preparation of this school which pursue to produce a better human been raising them since the early days in the families.

The event was headed by Dr. Dae Hee Hong, the special envoy and Dr. Margartia Cornielle, who is the SMU global vice president in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Cornielle gave the welcoming remarks and presented the SMU in Korea highlighting the great achievements of the universities around the world through a nice video presentation. After the video presentation, Mr. Cesar Regalado, the current president of the school, explained the many reason why this school was urgently founded in this nation.

Followed three students offered good testimonies about their experiences during this class of diploma. They expressed themselves feel to be better persons because after this learning they can control themselves better than before, so they feel a commitment to expand this teaching to many people.

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To the event attended the Dr. Daniel Vargas who is a writer about values, but also he is a current director of post grade department in the high minister of education. He said it is very important to find such school in this nation and he will devoted himself to promote the development of this school. In his words of congratulation to graduates he expressed his admiration to the first group of this kind of knowledge, but you will be not the only ones, because for sure this education will go forward beyond our imagination.

Rev. Hong congratulated and admired the students, because even in the advanced age they could be patients to learn about behavior and ethics-moral values. This teaching supposed to be tough to young men and women who have good capacity to learn, but it will be hard for old man to learn, anyway since you are in the teacher’s position, there is no other way, we are the ones who may face the challenge to change this nation. He said: “from now on we just have to keep going and we will see result, because this effort will make a model for people know God through the ethical and moral values”.

Mr. Regalado as MC, announced that next edition of diploma will start in January 23th, 2016 and we expect to have three times more students than now, so you are our results and our witnesses for the next students to come, so you may promote what you had learned through your friends and invite them to join this great effort to expand the teachings of values.

This school is connected to the project of training center in Bonao and agriculture project in Guabatico and also with the semaul undong we want to introduce it in Dominican Republic, so we are looking to meet the current president, Danilo Medina in order to bring him to Korea to show him directly how can we do it in our nation.

The event concluded with few songs sung by our CIG missionaries and some musical video presentation followed by three cheers of okmansei led by Rev. Takashi Kono, Japanese national messiah.

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