With the Blessed Families in Ukraine

By FFWPU Ukraine:

12-day Divine Principle workshop

On October 24, we started 12-day Divine Principle workshop in our workshop center near Kyiv. Two guests participated.

Leaders’ Meeting

On October 12-13, we held a meeting for the witnessing center leaders in Kyiv. 12 people participated. We analyzed our results in witnessing activity, made plans and set up new goals. The leaders went back to their mission cities with a new determination to invest in God’s Will.

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Rev. Yong’s visit to Ukraine

On October 20-21, Rev. Yong, Educational Director of FFWPUI Headquarters, visited Ukraine. He held a few meetings with Ukrainian HQ members, leaders, and Kyiv members. During the meeting with Kyiv members Rev. Yong told about the importance of Hoon Dok Hae, about True Mother’s attitude and lifestyle. On the other meeting he made the analysis of UM situation in Ukraine and gave some advices.

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(UPF) Peace School

On October 21, UPF-Ukraine held a meeting for Peace School students in the Kyiv House of Teacher. It was the first meeting held in this academic year. UPF volunteers held special training “I am unique, you are unique” for children from different schools. 52 people participated – 40 children and 12 teachers from 10 schools of Kyiv. All participants enjoyed the meeting.

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(WFWP) Project to the Senior’s Day

On October 1, WFWP-Ukraine held a charity project dedicated to the Senior’s Day. WFWP volunteers provide aid (medicine and food) to the 11 senior people-refugees. Kyiv School #187, chain store “Eva” and the NGO “MOZIRON” were the sponsors of the project. The gifts were presented on the congratulatory concert in the Kyiv House or Arts.