With the Blessed Families in Lithuania

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FFWPU Lithuania:

Special Emissary to Great China and Northeast Regions Dr. Oyamada visited Baltic nation

In Lithuania, this autumn we received two big God’s blessings. A Special Emissary, Dr. Hideo Oyamada, and his assistant visited the Baltic nations for the first time. They arrived to Lithuania on October 7. Dr. Oyamada was one of the first Japanese leaders assigned by True Parents to help in the Northeast Region.

Originally, he was sent as a Special Emissary to the Great China Region. Before joining the Unification Church Dr. Oyamada was a Christian so he was very much interested in visiting Christian churches and learning the history of Christianity in Lithuania, which sometimes was called “Israel of the East Europe.” Before his visit to the Baltic States, Dr. Oyamada found out the key religious sights of each nation. In Lithuania he visited Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches to feel spirit of Lithuania as last European nation which accepted Christianity.

On October 9, we held a meeting for Blessed families at the City Gate Hotel with Dr. Oyamada; about 40 people including the second generation came to receive his guidance and his testimony. He spoke about how important to us is inheriting True Parents tradition of the world providence. Dr. Oyamada also shared his personal testimony about True Mother, he felt True Mother to be more than his own mother, because in her heart she is embracing all mankind as her own children. Dr. Oyamada explained to us what an important role Lithuania plays.

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International HQ Educational Director Rev. Yong visited Lithuania

Itinerary missionaries, Rev. Jin Hun Yong and Mr. Motoyama who are giving education to the blessed families with children, stayed in Lithuania two days; they held a special seminar on October 17 – 18 on “True Mother’s course and her historical background.” Later, at the Sunday Service Rev. Yong gave a sermon on “God’s Attributes” about how we can come to resemble our Heavenly Parent. Finally, we talked about church development, and he asked the local members to clear out the situation in our Church. According to analysis of results he gave guidance what is needed to improve our activity in the nation.

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Witnessing Team in Vilnius

September was a month of intensive preparation; on October 12 we started our witnessing campaign. Our witnessing team of four members, joined by two Cheon Il Guk missionaries from Japan and three young CARP members are now in their third week of the campaign, which makes us feel as if a new spring has come to Lithuania. We go out and invite new guests in the streets on a daily basis. Each day, lectures on the Divine Principle bring resurrection to new lives. Often our small witnessing center is overfilled with people. We now have four guests listening to the Divine Principle lecture course; one of them has already attended the lectures on the True Parents course.

We really appreciate the efforts of Cheon Il Guk missionaries Haruka and Kumi, bright as sunflowers, who are witnessing in the streets every day and bring many guests. Their constant jung sung and prayers are exemplary. Our only regret is that they can stay in Lithuania only one month.

We are also happy that our young CARP members have joined witnessing as a part of their actionizing program. They do fundraising and lecture practice, go witnessing with CIG missionaries, bring new guests, give them a Divine Principle introductory lecture and even advanced lectures.

They learn the Word by giving the Word to others. Witnessing is an opportunity for everybody involved in it to grow spiritually and heartistically.

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Student Volunteer Work by 2nd generations

Here is part of our home group activity. Two of our elder second generation in Lithuania have initiated volunteer work in serving the local community together with a group of students. Andrinik Karagezian (16 y.o.) is now a student vice president at school, together with his younger brother Arturas (14 y.o.) mobilizing their friends for cleaning the neighborhood; it was the “Autumn Project”. Our neighbors were happy to see the young people working for the community. This was their family project and practice of living for the sake of others.

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