USA: Finding Balance and Fun in Your Tribal Messiahship


By FFWPU USA: Unificationists in Tampa, Florida think of Tribal Messiahship as a car with four wheels. Says Megumi Ojeda, “My focus is to keep a balance of witnessing, finance, youth education and tribal messiah work.”

To illustrate this point, in the month of October, the Tampa Family Church was involved with activities in each of these four areas. Sunday services and Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture reading) brought people together for reflection and fellowship.

The young people enjoyed a youth night with education and activities, and a Karaoke event at a local family’s house. For Halloween, one family invited others for trick-or-treating and organized outreach activities as a way to give out God’s words on Halloween.

The Tampa Family Church also hosted a health care event that was a wonderful chance to reach out to the surrounding community, and local Unificationists participated in Kodan conference calls, bookmark giveaways, Japanese Hoon Dok Hwe readings and business meetings.

One of the highlights of the month was a wedding ceremony in the community. The young couple, Naomi and Sunkwon, celebrated their day with the help of many family and friends.

It was a wonderful season for growth, learning and celebration.