USA: CARP Retreat Participants Commit to Change

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BY FFWPU USA: Twenty-three young Unificationists from the Bay Area came together over the Halloween weekend for their second retreat of 2015. They united under a strong desire to connect to True Mother’s hope that they can inherit and take ownership for God’s providence by making real changes in their everyday lives and communities.

Pastor Kevin Thompson set the tone for the gathering with an opening message, in which he urged the participants to see themselves from God’s point of view and recognize how much hope God has for their lives. Unificationist Tasnah Moyer was invited to speak on the topic of deepening a relationship with God. She was able to share based on her own breakthrough experience.

All participants deeply connected to the guidance and made a renewed commitment to their own spiritual growth and to create a network of support for a successful life of faith. They determined to create more opportunities to learn, share, connect and grow while building a movement for change on their college campus.

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