UPF Seminar on Family Education in Indonesia

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UPF Indonesia, Alfered R. Forno: An UPF Seminar on Family Education in Indonesia was held on November 6-8, 2015 in Pesona Anggraini Hotel – Bogor, Indonesia under the theme “Building Harmonious Family, Our Shared Responsibility”.

This UPF Family Education Seminar focused on educating the participants on TP’s family philosophy and value of the Interfaith Peace Blessing. Of the 53 participants from the Greater Jakarta area, 11 were Ambassadors for Peace, 8 representatives of religious organizations (Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu), 1 former school principal and 5 lecturers.

Participant reflections were heartfelt and expressed their desire to work together with UPF on raising awareness and strengthening family values. Several participants offered to arrange similar programs in their institutions.

Harry Sutanto, Buddhist Entepreneur: “This content is so amazing as it helps develop my knowledge and give new insight into the importance of family values – Marriage rededication is good – Should introduce more to the society so that many people may get the benefit.”

Ir.Rr. Herawaty Rinto Paeran, Peace Activist: “All is very good. UPF should continuously conduct this kind of seminar until the goal of world peace is achieved.”

Budi Totoraharjo, Buddhist Entepreneur: “Very interesting seminar which all the leaders and decision makers of the state should attend – We all should practically implement in the society the contents taught in this seminar, and encourage families to participate in social activities.”

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