True Parents News: Weekly Update

qweekPeace TV, November 14, 2015


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True Parents News & Korean News

  1. Elbon Grand Café Open in Mok-dong
  2. Japan’s 19th National Junghwa Festival
  3. Mt. Bonghwa Holy Ground Dedication Ceremony
  4. 2015 Exemplary Members’ Award Ceremony
  5. 100 Day Condition Launching Ceremony for Vision 2020
  6. WFWP Korea, “Identify with Unification” Conference

Global News

  1. Japan, National True Families and Citizens Movement
  2. USA, “Raising Children of Peace” UN Forum
  3. UPF Nepal Visits Vice-President and Prime Minister
  4. WFWP Argentina Donates to La Pampa Immigrants
  5. UPF Middle East Ambassadors for Peace Seminar
  6. UPF Ethiopia Muday Charity Association Service Work
  7. WFWP Kenya UN International Day of the Girl Child Celebration
  8. Philippines, 8-Week English Curriculum Completion Ceremony