True Love Divine Principle Seminar in Las Vegas

By FFWPU USA: Over the course of the weekend of October 30 – November 2, 2015, 20 people including three guests attended the first 4-day True Love Divine Principle Seminar in Las Vegas to open the holiday season. Many were drawn to this workshop at the International Peace Education Center to hear Rev. Andrew Compton, a seasoned Divine Principle lecturer, speak and share insights on outreach and Tribal Messiahship.

Rev. Compton led the workshop, guiding everyone through the sections of the Divine Principle, focusing on “living the Principle” and on the teachings of the Holy Marriage Blessing. A key component to this seminar was learning how to apply the teachings in daily life with real engagement in the world and by sharing it with others. Read More or Register

The group also took advantage of the many attractions in the surrounding area, including a fishing trip on Lake Mead. Depending on their length of stay, some participants also watched a Las Vegas variety show downtown on Friday night and visited the Grand Canyon on Monday.

If you missed out on this experience, there are several opportunities to attend Divine Principle seminars and workshops in Las Vegas in the coming months. To see the full calendar and participate in an upcoming workshop, click on the link below.