Tribal Messiah Workshop in Bulgaria

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FFWPU Bulgaria, November 7 2015: We organized a workshop about Tribal Messiahship in our Peace Embassy in Sofia with Mr. Tibor Krebsz from Hungary as a guest lecturer. In the morning we had two lectures about tribal messiahship from vertical and horizontal point of view and after lunch we had one more lecture about True Mother and The Age of Women, which was followed by a Question & Answer Session.

Tibor stayed for the next day as well and he gave us the Sunday Service sermon. After that we went to the Holy Ground with some of brothers and sisters to pray together and visited the Dragalevtsi Monastery on Mount Vitosha. We enjoyed the crystal clear air and the holy atmosphere around the monastery church, the beautiful view of the city and Heavenly Parent’s creation in the autumn.

Brothers and sisters came together from both communities (Sofia and Burgas). We got a lot of inspiring ideas about how we can perform Tribal Messiah activities from the examples of Hungarian brothers and sisters’ practices and we had a very nice and meaningful time together with a lot of discussions, which we are going to continue in the coming weeks.

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