The 10th Anniversary of True Parents’ Visit to Mongolia

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By FFWPU Mongolia: On October 16, 2005, 10 years ago, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, only once in our history, visited Mongolia. Their visit was scheduled within the speaking tour of 120 countries.

The primary purpose was to let all humanity know about the establishment of the Universal Peace Federation, the Abel type UN. True Father in his Peace message presented the new organization; he delivered his speech in the main hall of the Mongolian Parliament.

On October 16, 2015 the all-Mongolian Family Church held a commemoration event that was attended by blessed families, second generation, and one Ambassador for Peace. The program started with holy songs, full bow offering, and reciting the Family Pledge.

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The National leader, Rev. Matsumoto, gave his presentation on providential meaning of the True Parents’ visit to Mongolia. Then followed the testimony of the key Ambassador for Peace, Hon. M. Enkhsaikhan, the former prime-minister, who translated the 1st Peace Message into the Mongolian language. He was responsible for the True Father’s visit, and gave lectures to journalists on “Who True Parents are,” a day before the True Parents’ visit, so that the next day they informed the Mongolian people of the True Parents’ visit in a correct manner.

During the True Parents’ visit in Mongolia, then Prime Minister Hon. Ts. Elbegdorj, the current State President of Mongolia, welcomed True Parents at his home, Ih Tengeriin Am. In this sense, the True Parents’ visit 10 years ago was indeed a good preparation for the current providence of Mongolia.

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The program was followed by reading of the 1st Message of Peace and sharing testimonies by a representative member and Ambassador for Peace.

The Ambassador for Peace, B. Dashzeveg, an international journalist, who broadcasted the news of True Parents’ visit to Mongolia 10 years ago at the UBS TV, shared about how much True Parents have contributed to Mongolia through their movement activity during the past 21 years since establishing the mission in 1994. After he spoke about how much True Parents’ teaching on family values stimulated Mongolian traditional identity, the Unification Church members felt inspired.

Members enthusiastically spotted their own faces and those of their friends and acquaintances in the photos made on the day when the True Parents conducted hoon dok hae.

Another amazing coincidence was when we completed the 3rd 40-day special devotional night condition; the next was the very day of 10th year’s anniversary. It was for us excitingly   remarkable   to   welcome  the historical day right after completion of the 120 days condition (3 * 40 days). Actually when we started the 1st 40-day condition initiated by a Special Envoy, Rev. Yoon, on  June 18, we never thought of calculating days in prospect of this heavenly historical event. We know now that in such a way the Heavenly Parent and good spirits of the Mongolian ancestors have shown us the direction of the providence in Mongolia.

At the end of the commemoration ceremony, deeply inspired members talked about the True Parents’ legacy of true love and valuable teaching, and made determination to reach our goals.

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The 4th Special 40-Day Devotional Condition, October 17 – November 25

The purposes of this special night condition (60 minutes from 9 pm to 10 pm) are:

  1. Victory of Vision 2020 in the Strategic Nation’s Providence of Mongolia,
  2. Good foundation for the November 14 Blessing Ceremony,
  3. Personal goals.

During 60 minutes every day, members:

  1. Sing holy songs;
  2. Loud or silent prayer;
  3. Reading recently developed educational Divine Principle  multimedia materials available on Facebook and leaving comments. We would like to provide the online opportunity of this special condition to the members worldwide, through Facebook or Line system. This way, we could create the unified family atmosphere. Some members can do the condition at home no matter where they live. According to True Mother’s direction and guidance, we try to develop effective use of the multimedia to share materials about True Parents, Divine Principle, and so on, with many Mongolian people;
  4. Offering 50 bows at the same time naming 46 Hoon Dok Home Churches that have been established and registered since October 2014.