Taiwan: Forum on Religion and Gender Equality

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By UPF-Taiwan, Mr. MH. Chai: The “Forum on Religion and Gender Equality” was held on November 20, 2015, at the Ambassador for Peace Center in Taipei, Taiwan. The main organizer is the Taoist Association of the Rep. of China and collaborated by UPF-Taiwan, PWPA-Taiwan, FFWPU-Taiwan, Taiwan Interreligious Coalition for Cherishing Family and 4 oriental religious organizations. More than 60 delegates from varies organizations and religious leaders attended this forum including the Shih Ming Kuan, President of Buddhist Association of the Republic of China, Mr. Chen Kuo Tai, Vice-President of Hsuan Yuan (Taoist), Catholic Representatives, professors and Peace Ambassadors.

The threat of homosexual movement targeting on “Destroying Family and Abolishing Marriage” by sending the bills on the “same-sex marriage” and the “Draft resolution on Multiple-person family system” to the parliament, and their entire plan has been proceeding through infiltrating Taiwan’s education system in the public school for more than 10 years to influence the young generation from elementary to the high school. A change from “Sexual equality” into “Gender equality” in the Government policy has created tremendous impact toward the educational system in Taiwan; where the school curriculum can no longer teach the traditional value on equality on the role of man and woman, instead making the student learn the good and knowledge related with LGBT. Unfortunately, the implementation of “gender education” resulted in the forsaken of the traditional culture of marriage among many young adults nowadays.

Taiwan has the largest Buddhist and Taoist group in the society and their strengths need to be united to stop any harm doing toward the traditional value of family. Therefore, religious and social leaders with conscience felt the necessity to stop any amendment of current law which protect traditional family values. This forum divided into 4 sessions: I. Gender Equality and Religious Education, II. Religious life’s perspectives on Genders Equality, III. Impact of Gender Equality on Religions, and IV. The Relationship of Homosexual Movement and Gender Equality Education Program. The entire program allowed the oriental religious and social leaders understand the threat of free sex movement in Taiwan, let them see the updated information, so that they can be well inform and keep alert on the development of change in all aspects due to the Gender Equality policy. Mean times, the speakers from various religious background also learn from one another and understand the seriousness of this issue. This kind of forum definitely need to continuous with various religious organization.