UPF Slovakia Celebrates 10 Years of Establishment

By UPF Slovakia, November 26, 2015: Ten years ago, the national chapter of UPF was established during an impressive event in the Slovak National Theater building. Many influential figures attended the inauguration and speech given by Rev. Moon on October 31, 2005. Since then numerous events, big and small have been held mainly in the capital of Bratislava.

The 10-years anniversary seemed us a good opportunity to review our achievements. For that purpose we organized an event for our friends and supporters. Their response was favorable and the venue in downtown Bratislava was filled completely though not all people who promised appeared. They would have hardly found a free seat anyway.

Following the introduction by UPF chairman Pavol Chrančok a picture show of events commented by UPF Secretary General Miloš Klas recalled pleasant memories. The PowerPoint presentation displayed a wide range of activities at home and abroad. Among the most memorable events let us mention Children of Abraham. Palestinian Evening. End of Communism. Quo Vadis, Christianity? Fall of the Iron Curtain. North Korea – the Cleanest Race. Religious Freedom in Eastern Europe after 1989. Cultural Differences between Korea and the West. What comes after Capitalism?

The audience was simply fascinated. Some had attended the inauguration and kept contact since, but there were also newer or first time guests present who were especially thrilled. After the picture show of activities they got the opportunity to make comments. The first comment came from the former head of the Slovak Secret Services. He recalled how he met Rev. Moon in America in 1990 during a conference. At that time he could not imagine that such activities would take root in Slovakia, he said. But over the years he observed the establishment of a movement with such worthy goals and quality presentations. He thanked especially Barbara and Miloš Klas for their tireless efforts.

One journalist who had worked for the largest daily in Slovakia brought a home-made birthday cake and helped to serve it. We enjoyed also the tasty products of our bio-bakery founded by former NL Igor Koromház. Guests and members mingled and discussed with each other naturally just as a real family. There was so much unity and good will expressed, a cloud of love enveloped all.