Moral Values and Character Education in Senegal

FFWPU Senegal, Delaila Alegre-Diagne: On the first week of October, (Oct. 3-4), we conducted a 2-day seminar to our 6 eldest second generations on the Value and Significance of the Blessing. The purpose is to prepare them for the Blessing next year since their ages are from 19-22. They belong from the 3 oldest blessed families in Senegal.

Centering on our school, Yonent Mame Ibrahima with about 170 students from kindergarten to 1st year middle school, my husband, Ambroise Diagne, gives lectures on Moral Values/Character Education centering on the book, Discovering the Real Me and the Divine Principle.

These classes are every Wednesdays, 1 hour for each class using a projector showing some films as a material. However, the most essential part of his lectures are on the importance of keeping absolute purity before marriage, The children understand very well the explanation regarding the Fall of Man.

Majority of the students are Muslims but the lectures don’t sound strange to them because they have been listening to it from the very start. Our teachers also appreciate these Moral Classes. The children are also very attentive and responsive to the lectures. They also have to promise to love God, their families, country and others and to absolutely keep their purity.

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