Purity education Program: My Life, My Family, My Lineage

CARP Romania: On October 13, 2015 we organized a “Purity Education” event. Our subject was ‘My life, My family, My lineage!’ We shared about importance of lineage.

In the beginning we had presentation about ‘Lineage’. What is the meaning of lineage?, How important is lineage? And How important is my standing point now as historical result of all my ancestors.

Afterwards we made 3 teams and we tried to make ‘Lineage Domino’ together in order to experience importance of lineage. All participants put a lot of effort to be successful this Domino. Even though sometimes fell down many of pieces but still we tried until the end. The message from this ‘Lineage Domino’ experience was JeongSung of our ancestors. Some of our ancestors had difficult life like Domino pieces falling down but still some of them try to make it right. It is a lot of effort even we cannot totally understand.

So after this experience of Domino the lecturer emphasized that we are the historical result of all this JeongSung. And now we have choice, if we will continue this lineage like before, make it worst or try to make it better and pure.

In the end of this program we had sharing time in team. We shared these 2 points, What kind of characteristics you received from your ancestors? What kind of characteristics do you want to give for your future children and dependents? So all the participants felt we need to find a way to make ourselves better for our children and descendants. Afterwards we had presentation about how to make it better. The most important things is Sexual purity, prepare for our future spouse. Because now, this young age is the period of preparation for the future. The period of focusing that how to develop our character, how to grow our heart and find out what is the real purpose of our life.

All the participants could feel the importance and value of their life. And importance of preparation for the future. We wish this program can encourage Romanian young people to keep Sexual Purity in order to make beautiful family in the future.