Please Pray for Moldova


On October 30, several of our brothers and sisters in Moldova have been arrested and two are currently being held by local authorities based on complaints reported to the police. FFWPU International Headquarters (IHQ) is in the process of gathering all relevant information in order to support FFWPU Moldova address the complaints, which we believe to be unfounded and in violation of our basic rights to religious freedom.

Centered on True Parents, IHQ’s primary concern is to comfort and care for our beloved blessed families in Moldova and to protect and preserve True Parents foundation that has been developed over the past decades in service to Moldova and its people for the sake of God’s providence.

IHQ is fully engaged and working with the brothers and sisters worldwide in resolving this tragic violation of the hearts and rights of our fellow family members. We trust that heaven will guide us to overcome the forces of division and injustice. Please pray for the brothers and sisters of Moldova and a swift resolution of this crisis.