Peru: Open Air Peace Festival

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UPF Peru, Trevor Edward Jones: On November 14, 2015 UPF Peru continued its interfaith work by co-sponsoring, as it did in 2014, an open air Peace Festival in one of the main parks of Lima- Kennedy Park, Miraflores.

Together with members of the Universal Brotherhood we brought together representatives of various religions and musical performers to offer to the community a space to enjoy each other’s faith and share together activities that promote the spiritual wellbeing and oneness of humanity.

Lic. Carlos Espinoza Vasquez opened the meeting with an explanation about the Peace festival.

The meeting continued with messages and prayers being offered by representatives of various religions:- Tibetan Buddhist Priest, Anglican Archbishop Jesús Mejia Quiroz, Adventist Chaplin Dina Salas Montoya.

It continued with guided meditation and a demonstration of Yoga. The program included musical presentations by a Marachi (Mexican) group, traditional Inca Pan Pipes as well as classical presentations on the violin and songs from other cultures

As the afternoon turned into evening many people gathered to take part in this celebration of life and the desire for world peace. Those attending included Mrs. Patricia Contador, lawyer and wife of a Congressman who spoke in the meeting last year, various University professors and students as well as priests from the Anglican Church and members of other faiths.

The local Mayor’s office also supported the event, allowing the performance in a public park and providing the sound equipment. The audience was inspired by the presentations and warmly applauded the meeting.

Many guests expressed their gratitude to us for organizing this meeting which they feel is so important at this time of conflict in the world.

Other religious groups who were not represented asked us to include them in the meeting next year.

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