Parent Child Workshop: How to Become Better Family

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananoapvarn: 156 members from 60 blessed families who have children from Junior high school and above and 95 members from 48 blessed families who have children during grade 4-6 of elementary school join the first Parent-Child workshop in history of UM Thailand in topic “How to Become Better Family” which lecture and guide by Mr. Toshio Tada, Director of Family Education Department, FFWPU Japan, on October 24-25 October and 23 October 2015 at main chapel, FFWPU Thailand.

This is second time for Mr. Tada to lead family workshop in Thailand. 4 months ago, he lead workshop “How to become better parents” which only parents join and Thai blessed families received so much clear understanding, internal realization, repentance and paradigm shift of how to raise up the children.

These 2 workshops were so successful, parent and children were revived and feel the deep impression with tears by atmosphere of true love of relationship in the family. Second generation can understand more clearly about their identity and how TP and their parents really love them. The important of communication by understanding how to convey love successfully in the relationship between one another in the family. The understanding of human nature & psychology are so important in conveying God’s word and love between family members. Mr. Tada gave very clear understand in his lecture and many VDO clip or case study from Japan really move the heart of parents and children in tears

The recent development about lecture of 2nd Generation marriage blessing of FFWPU Japan from the internal viewpoint and external viewpoint make the young Thai second generation and parents understand clearly about value of blessing, important of keeping purity and urgent need for prepare themselves for successful marriage blessing.

The good testimonies from elder second generations such as testimony of life-changing experience by meeting with God and True Parents, experience as full time member in CARP center, successful in receiving blessing with US spouse and successful in start family & raise up 3rd generation. Then, the children wrote letter of love to parents and parents wrote the letter of love. After that they read the letter of God together, then they read the letter to each other and it became the time of great warm heart, happiness, apologize and empathy in the relationship of families with tears and deepest impression.

This is the first time that parents and second generation join in such a workshop and listen these testimonies together, both parents and children feel so inspired, amazed and deep realization from Mr. Tada’s lecture and testimonies. It becomes the great advancement for UM Thailand that we need to prepare internal and external foundation for the successful of second generation since we just celebrate 40th year anniversary of UM Thailand. The 30,000 and 360,000 couples blessing children now are reaching the age of young adult and ready to receive matching now or very soon.

Therefore, this Parent-Child Workshop “How to become Better Parents” by Mr. Toshio Tada really contribute the great turning point for UM Thailand to become mature movement to welcome the age of second generation and third generation very soon. So, future of our movement in Thailand will be stable and prospered, it depends on the successful of 2nd generation and 3rd generation. We have learn so much from FFWPU Japan as to receive love and care from Mother nation. These understand and realization are also timely to support Tribal Messiah movement of FFWPU, so we can create social contribution, bring happiness to local people & families and establish FFWPU Ideal Communities in tribal area and expand to everywhere in the nation, then we can surely restore CIG and fulfill Vision 2020.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to FFWPU Japan to allow Mr. Tada to come. Thailand has learned and developed education system from Japan a lot such as VDO center system in late 1980s, CARP Membership Education system from Kyushu bloc during 2005-2010 and this time Parent-child education.

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to Dr. and Mrs. Chung Sik Yong, regional president of Asia, who always concern and invest to blessed families and second generation. They had guided many workshops for second generation and blessed families in Asia and concerning about successful matching and blessing of second generation.

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6,500 couples blessed husband: I felt so impressed in Mr. Tada who invested his heart in every lecture that make everybody have clear vision and way to solve the problem of relationship in family, increasing love and care between each member in family. It is very clear guideline that can practice in the family. I felt there are many families that will be changed in better relationship after this workshop.

I feel so grateful for Heavenly Parents who concern and love all blessed families. I feel so grateful to Rev. Kamol who is so concern and love all blessed families.

Junior high second generation: This workshop made me cried much and I cried very loud. Feel like understand my parents’ heart more than before. I feel I am so precious toward my parent and God, so we must become good children.

I can learn that how can we express love, through ears, mouth and action. We must create life of faith with God by ourselves, we cannot just follow faith of parents. I can learn how to build ideal family. We must prepare ourselves to receive blessing in order to build perfect family “Ideal Family”. This can make by raise up internal condition in order for us to be ready to receive blessing.

Most impression is to write letter to parents. I feel I can open my heart to parents. We read letter together by heart, we feel so impressed. This make me understand parents more, love my parents so deeply by my heart. We hug one another with love, with tears. We are so loving each other with sincere heart.

University Second Generation, 6500 couples’ family: Thank you very much for this workshop that make me more understand about the relationship in the family. To understand each other and help me to understand deeper how important of marriage blessing.

For me, I will try more to become good second generation and become the good example for younger second generation. And I will try to develop myself more and more for the future that I can return the good benefit for God’s providence and for True Parents.