National Blessed Parents Seminar Conducted in Manila

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By FFWPU Philippines, Rev. Julius Malicdem: A 2-Day Nationwide Blessed Parents Education Seminar was conducted last October 31 – November 1, 2015 at the National Headquarters in Quezon City, Manila in the Philippines. A total of 134 Blessed Parents from all over the nation took part in this special seminar in order to reinforce the understanding of the Blessed Parents focusing in the education and growth of the 2nd generation in the family and in the church. The seminar was conducted by Rev. Toshio Tada, the Director of the Family Education Department o0f FFWPU Japan. “This seminar is very timely!” exclaimed one of the parents who were so grateful for the helpful guidance shared by Rev. Tada.

As a daughter nation, the Philippines offers its gratitude to the mother nation, Japan for sending Rev. Tada and conduct this seminar in order to strengthen the blessed families and reinforce their relationships thus building a strong foundation for substantial Cheon Il Guk which should be grounded on stable and loving relationships experienced in the family. The Blessed Parents were reminded of how important that the next generation should inherit the beautiful tradition from our beloved True Parents by starting a strong foundation of faith inside the family and extending it to the tribal level.

As the Philippines is embarking on a national condition to fully expand the Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence, the families are reminded of the basic root of building Cheon il Guk, and that is through the settlement of Heavenly Parent’s love within the family first, between the husband and wife and between the parents and children.

At the end of the seminar, the Blessed parents echoed their determination to move forward in reaching out to more families and multiply citizens of Cheon Il Guk through the victory of the Heavenly tribal Messiah activities nationwide as an offering to welcome the 3rd year anniversary of Foundation Day next year.

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