Kenya: HIV/AIDS Awareness and Character Education

By WFWP Kenya: The WFWP Kenya held a 2-Day workshop on HIV/Aids Awareness and Character Education at Handow Secondary School, Marakusi on the 14th to 15th November 2015 in Handow Secondary School, Marakusi, Kakamega with 400 participants.

This workshop is part of an on-going program held by the WFWP every year in that school and has created a big impact in changing the behavior of many of the students and has also helped in improving the grades in the school performance.

The program was led by Mrs. Mary Adjomayi the WFWP Kenya Education subcommittee chair and she was assisted by Mr. Mujanayi and other lecturers and staff to make it a success.

The school community led by the principal Mr. Waswa participated well and all the 400 students attended the program after which they went through counseling and guidance and they all promised to work hard and excel in their studies. They also received donations of sanitary Towels from WFWP Kenya.

The School administration, parents and the surrounding community deeply appreciated the good work of WFWP Japan who are the sponsors of the school and also WFWP Kenya for the lectures which has transformed the lives of their children. This has created a positive impact on the community level and they have recognized and appreciated the spirit of WFWP of truly living for the sake of others to establish the ideal Kingdom of Heaven as True Parents has envisioned.