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From Peace with Ourselves, with Others and with our Environment


By FFWPU Italy: UPF, WFWP and FFWPU Bergamo organized, at the Donizetti hotel, a meeting with Ambassadors for Peace and contacts of their federations on October 24, 2015 in Bergamo.

With the topic, “From Peace with Ourselves, with others and with our Environment”, the objective of the meeting was to convey a deeper spiritual understanding of the vision and peace initiatives of the three federations.

In three separate sessions, the lecturers presented the vision for the building of peace, the birth and evolution of the conflict in humanity and the path of blessing as a way to recover the original ideal, a reality of true and lasting peace.

After the lectures, the 35 participants, among them 22 Ambassadors for Peace, engaged in lively discussions. Everybody expressed their desire to come for further meetings and to continue the debate in order to gain deeper insights in the teachings of the federations.

The main objective of the series of meetings are to explore with guests the course of history until today, the providential value of our present time and to understand how each one of us can support the process of constructing the ideal of peace.

The meeting ended by sharing lunch together. This was another precious moment for sharing our friendship.

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